LeadIN enables you to become
the leader you are.

We seek to redefine leadership

Leadership is not defined by position, title, or formal authority. It’s not about being a hero, exuding strength or knowing all the answers. We are all leaders. We can all lead with our unique strengths and we can all inspire others toward a common goal.

70% of the U.S. worforce is not engaged at work

— This costs companies around $450 billion annually —

Inspired people, who recognize their leadership skills and intentionally work
to develop them, are happier, more productive and forge stronger companies
and stronger communities.

We strive to build a community
for lifelong learning

Personal and professional growth doesn’t happen overnight; it’s an ongoing process,
and it’s most effective when nurtured by supportive peers.

$60 Billion
U.S. companies spend $60 billion on training annually

and they experience a ‘honeymoon effect’ where the effects only last a short time
because there are few opportunities for continuous learning.

We want to provide equal access

We believe that leadership development opportunities should be available to all,
especially to people early in their careers.

$15 Billion
$15 billion are spent in the U.S. on leadership development

and yet, most of it is invested in upper management.

How It Works

LeadIN brings people together to learn, share, and grow their leadership. Leadership is like a muscle—it requires constant exercise and practice. LeadIN offers you a gym: a supportive community that helps you turn talents into strengths and create the change you seek, in yourself, in your community, and around the world.

For Individuals

We believe in the talent and potential of each and every human being.

We believe that anyone who wishes to invest in his or her growth should be able to do so. That’s why our LeadIN Core community program is open, accessible to everyone, and free of charge.

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For Organizations

Despite many technological developments, people are and always will be the main drivers of organizational growth and success.

We help organizations develop their people in a sustainable and impactful way.

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"LeadIN is a community where people can be honest and vulnerable. It was a great space to share ideas and my peers would always give me honest feedback. I am still close to the friends that I made in my cohort."